The Sisterhood Diaries

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Misty, Molly and Sally grew up together in Anaheim, CA. Misty and Molly moved to Nashville, NC. Now Misty’s a dentist with a rural practice. Misty worked her way through dental school spending weekends flat on her back, delivering compensated sexual favors to the movers and shakers of Raleigh. Molly earned her Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology and is now gainfully employed as a glorified accountant for a chicken packing plant. Sally attended UC Irving but she dropped out when she discovered she was pregnant with Mac’s child. Mac did the honorable thing and married Sally, much to the dismay of his wealthy parents in Boston. These are their stories.
Book 1: Brite Smile
Misty came up with a superior Gel for whitening teeth. She went to Las Vegas to convince a team of Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists to help bring her product to market. Misty gets waylaid by a pair of miscreants who’ve been hired by a hostile corporation to steal her formula. She’s rescued by Roy, a security guard at her hotel, with the help of her sister, Molly. Misty richly rewards Roy with her special brand of gratitude. When the thugs return Misty, Roy and Molly team up and save the day.
Book 2: Fool’s Gold
Now that Molly’s got money she decides to pursue her long-dormant dream of a career as a model. She falls in with a bad crowd, learns to self-medicate, gets seduced by a con artist and loses her new found fortune. As luck would have it she’s rescued by a defrocked Country Doctor who owns the deed to a plot of land where Blackbeard may or may not have buried his ill-gotten gains. Molly and Doc set out to hunt for buried treasure and end up learning a valuable lesson about the real nature of true wealth.
Book 3: American Pie
Sally has a secret but she doesn’t know how far the rich and greedy will go to steal it from her. A Mickey Mouse flash drive holds the key to her dead husband’s heart, but does it hold something else? Misty, Molly and Sally were girlhood friends. Now they’ve joined forces to defeat Greed, Deceit and the Death of the American Dream.

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