Jimmie and Dolly are at it again. A slot machine irregularity in a bank of Keno slots The Greek sold to an Indian Casino in New Mexico has cost the casino a loss of face big time. It may well cost them real money as well.  Jimmie heads to Albuquerque to find out what’s happening.  His investigation takes him to the east coast, redneck country and a close-knit family of conniving rascals.  Jimmie ends up twelve miles offshore on an ocean-going gambling boat at the mercy of the elements and the clan.  Then it’s Virtual Reality time as Jimmie goes caving in search of fame and fortune.  Jimmie manages to meander his way through the booby-trapped maze but he’s outfoxed by the bad guys once again.  Then it’s avatar versus avatar in an epic battle of gamesmanship.  And where’s the delectable Dolly when Jimmie needs her most?

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