Establishing your own personal Preference Profile within a specific Genre is a three step process

1. Set the relative importance of the Genre for you (See below)
2. Rank each trait in terms of its relative importance to you (1=most important 9=least important)
3. Use the Sliding Scales to set each trait value depending on your personal preference

Genre Relative Importance (0=N/A, 1=Most Important-9=Least important):

Trait 0 1 5 9 Rating Rank
Language N/A Plain Flowery Webster’s Dictionary
Humor N/A Wry Rib-tickling ROFL
Narrative N/A Simple Detailed Florid
Locale N/A Next Door Domestic Exotic
Photography N/A Simple Sketches Fabulous
Price Range N/A Every Day Family Vacation Once in a Lifetime