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So let’s get started with a guided tour that takes you through the different rooms in our cozy retreat.   See the menu at the top of the page, right beneath the SLI logo?  There are eight tabs to click on.  Doors if you will, leading you down hallways and into rooms where you can do things.  Of course you can visit the rooms in any order you wish but perhaps the first thing you should do is Register (or Sign in if you’ve been here before).  Any respectable Wayfarer’s Inn likes to know who their guests are.

Once you’ve let us know your name we’d like to get to know a little bit about you.  What are your tastes in literature?  How nuts are you about a particular Genre?  Do you like tight plots and loose characters?  Or do you like the way the author’s words capture a scene on a hillside in ancient Rome?  There’s a big door marked Services which leads down a wood-paneled hallway illuminated by two skylights placed high in the ceiling to two smaller doors marked Member Services and Premium Services.

If you registered as a Reader, you can visit the Member Services room and tell us a little bit about yourself.  Your likes and dislikes.  Your name.  You can also rate a book you’ve read as long as the book has been registered by one of our Author members.  Later on we can talk about a special Turbo Table where you can leave word of a book you’ve read that changed your life (the O.W.L.S table which stands for Orphans, Widows and Lost Souls.) regardless of whether or not the book was registered here.  Some moments are too precious to waste on matters of protocol.

If you registered as an Author, you can visit the Premium Services room.  Here Author-members can register one or more of their books.  Post a brief bio along with a photo.  Or subscribe to one or more of the services we offer to help promote the Author’s wares.

Next up: more rooms.  More books.  More time to relax and enjoy life.  Albeit somewhat vicariously!

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